(Bio of Kola Boof)

"Kola Boof is an Infidel and a witch. A danger to everything decent men 

have done to prove ourselves and our civilization worthy of Allah. She

hates and defiles us with wicked disobedience and defiance.  As African Muslims

we cannot fall for such divisive tactics.  This woman is impure, possessed by snakes 

…this is not a natural woman!  Her books are monstrously aggressive…

This woman is dangerous."

--Sunni Men's Bath Press (North Sudan, 1998)


On April 9th, 2003 an investigative Human Rights report was ratified on the floor of the UNITED NATIONS (*read report) confirming that a Fatwa had been place on the life of Osama Bin Laden's former mistress…American raised Egyptian-Sudanese novelist KOLA BOOF.  Thus began America's awareness of it's very own «homegrown» outlaw/outcast African Bad Girl…greatly feared by the White public, roundly demonized by the Media and yet beloved by so many for the astonishing books she wrote…among them "Flesh and the Devil", "Long Train to the Redeeming Sin", "The Sexy Part of the Bible" and her 2003 autobiography "Diary of a Lost Girl."


CNN dubbed her "the most controversial woman in the world" back in 2003.  The NY TIMES in 2002 devoted a scathing and highly inaccurate 5 page article to Kola Boof, above the fold, that was meant to silence and discredit her.  In 2011 Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) inaccurately referred to Boof as "Bin Laden's Wife" (the 1996 relationship was only for 6 months and was against Boof's will). Due to skirmishes with some Black Americans over her refusal to embrace the One Drop Rule and her great love for pariahs like Chris Hedges, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Glenn Greenwald…numerous smear campaigns have been run to destroy the author's career.  U.S. Journalist Steve Milner told Pacifica Radio he had been offered money to help spread lies about Kola Boof.  Yet the enigma known as KOLA BOOF (born NAIMA BINT HARITH in Omdurman, Sudan circa 1969) manages to rise from the ashes every time.  She is truly one of the most fascinating women you almost never hear talked about in America.


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